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Triceratops Leaf Eating Fun

Copy enough plain leaf cards so that each child can have fifteen leaves.  Copy two sets
of number cards.  Cut them out and laminate.  Copy and cut one triceratops head.  I cover
a cereal box with construction paper and then I attach the head to a cereal box.  If the head is too wide you might have to lay the box on itsí side and use it that way.  Cut a slit
for the mouth where designated.  Make one copy of the directions and attach them to the box as well.  Cover the box with clear contact paper.  Play!!

To Play:  Give each child 15 leaf cards.  Set the number cards upside down in pile.  Have the child select a card and put the appropriate number of their leaf cards into the dinosaurís mouth.  The first one to run out of cards wins.

Printable Instructions
Dinosaur Head
Number Cards


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