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Number Word Dog Necklace for Dog's Colorful Day

To use this for a fireman activity, use only black spots to make a Dalmatian.

Take a large envelope and lick it shut.  Cut it in half.  Give the children white
 paper scraps.  Have them cut out ears and glue them to the dog.  Take a marker and add eyes, nose and a mouth.  Hole punch two holes at the corner of the envelope.  Lace a piece of yarn through the holes and tie
to make a necklace.  Give your children paper scraps and a circle paper punch
like the one shown below.
 Have them punch colored circles and glue them to the dog. 

Print the pages of your choice.  Have the children cut them apart,
read them and store them in the dog necklace.

Encourage the children to wear the necklace home.  Encourage the children to practice reading the number words to their family. 

Number Words
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