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Gumball Machine Fun with Graphing Option

Print a gumball machine for each child.   Print the cards of your choice. 
 Cut them out and laminate if you plan to reuse them.  Have bingo markers available in red, blue, yellow, orange or green if you are using the colored cards.  Program the black and white cards to your color choices if you are using them.
Have the children take turns picking a card, identifying the color and number.  Then have them use bingo markers, crayons or pompoms in the corresponding color and number on their gumball machine.  Continue until all the gumballs are colored.

For young children:
Take time to help them count how many of each color they have and determine which they have the most or least of.

For older children:
Print the graphing page.  Have the children count how many gumballs they
have in their machine that are each of the colors.  Have them graph
the results on the graph and then answer the questions below.

Gumball Machine
Graph-five colors
Programmable Graph

Color Version of Cards
Page 1
Page 2

Black and White Version of Cards
Page 1




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