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Humpty -all Word Family Game

learning printables for kids

Print, cut and laminate.   This can be played more than one way.
Using tape, attach the wall cards to your large blocks.  Attach Humpty to your small blocks. 
Take Humpty and sit him on each block.  Have the children read the word on the wall.

Or-play it as a game in a group.  Donít attach the cards to blocks.  Lay all the wall cards
upside down on the table.  Give each child a Humpty.  Taking turns, the children pick up
a card and read the word on the card.  If they say the word right, they get to keep the card. 
If they get it wrong it gets turned over and put back on the table.  The winner has
the most cards.

The game could also be played as above only the first person to find the wall card
could be the winner.   If you are playing that way, print two pages each of page two and three and one of the first page.

Page 1
Page 2
Page 3


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