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Memory Fun for The Very Hungry Caterpillar-disability option

Print two sets of cards, cut and laminate the pieces.  Have the children turn two cards over to find a match as you would with a memory activity.

If you are working with children who have a disability that impairs their hands try this.  Collect yogurt containers that have lids.  Spray paint them
 with a special spray paint that adheres to plastic.  Wal-Mart has it as
well as other hardware stores.  It will cover best if you use two coats of paint.
 Tape a memory game pieces to the top lid of each container.  Turn
the containers upside down.  Now play this as you would with any memory
 activity.  By attaching the pieces to a yogurt containers, children will
be able to grip the cups and turn them over allowing them to play.  This  idea can be adapted for many activities on the website.

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