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Kite Writing Prompt

Need:  A white piece of construction paper with the kite template and 4
bows copied onto it, sharpie marker, paint, eyedroppers, scissors, straws, ribbon for
a kite tail, a large piece of blue construction paper and attached writing prompts. 

Put a portion of paint on a paint tray.  Add a couple drops of water to it to make it runny.  Do this for several colors. Use an eyedropper to drop a dab of paint on the kite and bows.  Have the kids take their straw and blow the paint to decorate their kits.  After the paint has dried, cut out the pieces
and put them together.  Attach it to the large sheet of blue paper. 
Then have them fill out their writing prompt and attach it to the construction paper. 

Easy Prompt
Hard Prompt


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