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Scuba Diver from Paper Plate

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Trace a large paper plate onto a piece of skin colored construction paper.  Cut out. 
Create a face on the construction paper.  Paint the paper plate orange.
After it is dry, cut the center of the paper plate out.  Cut two "ear" segments from the center
of the paper plate. 

Run an empty piece of laminate through a laminator.  Cut it so it can cover the hole in the paper plate.  Assemble the head pieces.  From a green scrap, cut a hose and attach it.

Take an orange piece of paper and round the top two corners.  Attach it to the head.

If you would like to add a writing prompt, print it, trim and attach to the body.  Help the children
complete the sentence.

Printable Page

For more paper plate projects, follow this link.



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