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Seals on the Bus Circle Time Activity

This will be fun for your little ones at circle time. The pieces are available
for printing in color or black and white.  You can print a black and white set
for the kids to make themselves for story retelling.
Print a bus back and a bus front.  Cut both pieces out.  Put glue on the back
of the front piece making sure that you only put glue around the engine,
around the bottom where the wheels are and up that back.  DO NOT put
glue across the top edge so that you are making a pocket as shown in the photo.  Once the pieces are together, laminate the bus.  After it is laminated,
take an exacto knife and carefully slit through the top layer of lamination
where the pocket slit should be making a pocket.  Now print the pieces,
cut them out and laminate them.
At your circle time sing "The Seals on the Bus".  As you sing each character,
put them in the bus.  To add to the fun, you can hand out the characters
to the children.  As you sing the character's verse, you can have the child
with that character come forward and put the character in the bus.

Black and White
Bus Back
Bus Front
Pieces 1
Pieces 2

Color Version
Bus Back
Bus Front
Pieces 1
Pieces 2




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