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Mac and Cheese Coconut Tree Basket

It is hard to see in this picture, but there is a box in front of the coconut tree
 that children can put their treasures in. 
In advance, spray paint mac and cheese boxes black.  After they are dry,
draw a line all the way around the box two inches from the bottom.  On the back side of the box, draw a trunk for the coconut tree. Now, cut down the trunk to the two inch line.  Cut around on the two inch line until you come
to the other side of the tree trunk.  Leave the trunk attached to the box. 
Have the children paint the inside of the box side of the tree trunk brown. 
While that dries, have them cut leaves from green construction paper, fringing
the bottom of the leaves.  Have them cut coconuts from light brown construction paper.  Glue in place.  If the tree trunk seems wobbly, glue a craft stick to the back of the tree.  Children could keep trinkets in the box. 

Printable leaf and coconut pattern

Looking for a way to get more mac and cheese boxes, try this recipe for
Hearty Mac and Cheese.

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