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Halloween Treat Basket from a Mac and Cheese Box

This can be made with a witch or scarecrow label.

This picture does not do this craft justice.
Take a mac and cheese box.  Cut off the top of the box.  Spray paint it black or orange.  It dries very quickly.  Draw a line around the box that is two inches from the bottom.  Cut down each corner to the drawn line.  Cutting on the line, cut out the front and back panel making sure to leave the sides of the box in place.  Now, curve the sides of the box down to make a handle as shown.  Glue in place.  Print a label, cut it out and glue it to the front of the box.  You can fill your basket with excelsior and candy treats for festive party favors.

Happy Halloween with a Witch
Black and White

Happy Fall with Scarecrow
Black and White

Looking for a way to get more mac and cheese boxes, try this recipe for
Hearty Mac and Cheese.




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